Websites are an integral part of any company, business or idea. They enable you to showcase your ideas, your process or service, to the world.

If you want to get your work online, and kick start your online presence a website is a great place to start.

Westerman Construction, UK

I used a minimal design to showcase how precise and perfected Westerman Construction's work is. With a flowing design, crisp images and a clean look. I revamped their website and brought the company's online presence to life.

Angel Coffee House, UK.

With photos taken by Steven Haddock I created the website with Stevens style in mind. With the minimal parallax home page, combined with some photos, information about The Angel and contact info, this gave the site a very user friendly feel.

Nocton Barn, UK.

Starting with a minimalist design, I created this website for Nocton Barn. Sticking with the theme of the barn itself. I provided a full photo-shoot, making sure to match the aesthetic of the space. The owner was blown away and absolutely loves her new website.