Jed Lilley, Founder

Jed Lilley, Founder

Black Poncho is a company that is 6 years in the making. It started with a concept, and a unbridled passion for film and design.

“I remember being fascinated as a child about how a camera worked, how you can freeze a moment in time and watch it back infinitely.” - Jed Lilley, Founder.

Black Poncho was started with one goal in mind, to bring high quality media services to everyone. From music videos, to websites. I want to provide my services to anyone that is starting a business or a venture, to anyone that needs a new website or logo.

Based in the heart of Lincolnshire, I travel all over the UK and EU planning & shooting adverts, designing websites, editing music videos and photographing weddings.

Starting with basic equipment at the young age of 8 years old, I have fuelled my passion by creating stylish videos and photos for independent businesses and musicians. Growing up and slowly upgrading my arsenal, I now have a fully loaded kit.

Including DJI Drones & Camera Stabilizers, Super Sharp Lenses & High-end DSLR’s.

Anything you’re looking for, I can do.