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Our wedding video was perfect in so many ways, having Jed produce our amazing story to our day through video was amazing, we will never forget the first time we sat down and watched our wedding video- breathtaking, all thanks to you Jed, Thankyou.
— Rebecca & Scott Westerman

A short 6-7 minute film that includes the whole morning, a full day, the night and even the after party. Set to a few songs of your choice, our wedding reels are perfect to share, on Facebook with friends or twitter with your fans. They entice you from beginning to end and leave you feeling those wedding blues all over again. Couple that with full video coverage of your vows, well rehearsed speeches & your first dance and you've got a perfect wedding package.

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We have had so many compliments from our friends and loved ones who could not make the day, but equally felt like they were there when they watched our wedding video. We would recommend Jed to anyone and have done already, extremely professional and goes above and beyond to make everything so perfect.”